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vunak covers

Progressive Fighting Systems/ Contemporary JKD

Sifu Dan is a Full Instructor in Paul Vunak's Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) / Contemporary JKD. Sifu Vunak was a student of Guro Dan Inosanto, a First Generation student of Bruce Lee's.
The PFS curriculum is broken down in two sections, Self Preservation and Self Perfection. The philosophy is to instruct a true combat-oriented curriculum. It is designed for reality in self-defense encounters.We provide the student with the necessary tools to survive an attack in close range, and hand to hand combat. A high percentage of fights involve weapons, therefore, we provide the student a system to deal with those weapons which he or she may be confronted with on the street such as a bat, stick, flashlight, crowbar, broken bottle, knife, or gun. Most fights will end up on the ground so we have incorporated into our teaching a system to neutralize an attacker no matter what the size of the person may be. If they end up on top of you, with our methods you will get them off rather quickly. 


Also known as Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT)
Sigung Paul Vunak's system as taught to Navy SEAL Team 6,  DEA, CIA, FBI, and countless police agencies throughout the USA. It is an effective program to quickly neutralize an attacker. The program will focus on the three phases of an engagement necessary to stop an aggressor: entry, pressure, and termination. For the ground, JKD, BJJ and Kina Mutai, the Fillipino Art of Biting and Eye Gouging, help to equalize differences in size and strength between attacker and a smaller victim. Being taken to the ground, is a common component of most fights. About 70% of fights involve weapons, we will teach you the simplest technique for dealing with a weapon, that is proven to work in combat. This is survival street fighting with the principles and concepts of JKD applied.   

This involves incorporation of many arts, with Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do serving as the nucleus. This part of the art allows for expression of ones self in discipline, honest  training, and self exploration. One of Bruce Lee's greatest philosophies is
 " Research your own experiences, absorb what is useful, disregard what is useless and add what is specifically your own." I take what has already been constructed by the masters before me and have built upon that. Take what I teach you and make the art unique to yourself. The same things don't work for everyone. That is the beauty of JKD, it is unique to the practitioner.

JUN FAN JKDUnique to our expression of JKD, within our self perfection curriculum we go back to our roots and ensure that our students are well versed in the original Jun Fan JKD curriculum. Although PFS's namesake states that it's "Progressive" and "Contemporary" we believe that it's important to share Sijo Bruce Lee's original art and in order to be proficient in any JKD programs you should have a solid foundation in the Jun Fan arts. You must know and understand the Jun Fan material to fully comprehend the more modern philosophies. There is much to be absorbed by the practitioner from the early stages of JKD like: The 5 ways of attack, centerline theory, simultaneous attack and defense, the defensive techniques of Wing Chun, economy of motion, simplicity, directness and much more. That's why before learning the Contemporary JKD curriculum our students must first learn the basics of Jun Fan JKD. 

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