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Progressive Fighting Systems Intensive Personal Training Program

Intensive Personal Training Program

The IPTP is a one on one private instruction program that is designed for those who want to become instructors in Progressive Fighting Systems/Contemporary Jeet Kune Do. The program duration is 10 hours and can be completed over a weekend. In that time the prospective instructor will learn how to defend themselves in all ranges of combat, stand up, ground survival, mass attack, weapons attack, and functional use of the stick and more. We will cover Sijo Bruce Lee's energy drills and some drills developed by Sifu Vunak. This is the program that Sifu Vunak developed for Seal Team 6 to learn the most valuable and functional material in the shortest amount of time. The average military man doesn't have the luxury to spend many years studying a martial art before he can become proficient. You will learn the material, while learning how to teach it to others. Upon successful completion of the program you will be awarded an Instructors Certificate in both PFS/ CJKD and Black Ops JKD.
The cost of this program is $2,000.00

Call or email us for more information.
Phone#: 917-565-3322