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       JEET KUNE DO 


Welcome to the 
Jeet Kune Do
Gung Fu

Sifu Dan Rivera-Certified Jeet Kune Do  Instructor and the Head and founder of the JKD Gung Fu Association. We teach classes in Mahopac New York and in New York City. 

 Sifu Dan has trained in many different JKD expressions/ lineages of Jeet Kune Do.  Sifu Rivera also has training in the GM Yip Man family system of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Filipino Kali. We teach Sijo Bruce Lee's fighting methods from relatively all era's of the art's evolution. Our curriculum is taught through progressions that range from the Oakland era JKD,  LA era Jun Fan Gung Fu/ Jun Fan JKD, JKD Concepts, the military technology of PFS/Contemporary JKD and Wei Kuen Do.  It's important to preserve Bruce Lee's original teachings as they still serve as the nucleus of the later expressions of JKD. The guiding principles and concepts of JKD that were established in the early years still hold a great deal of importance. Principles such as: Centerline theory, putting your strong side forward, non-telegraphed movements, longest weapon the to the nearest target , broken rhythm, alive footwork, interception, simultaneous attack and defense, non-classical movements, simplicity, directness, adaptability, economy of motion, the 5 ways of attack...and more!

What is JKD?
First lets start by clarifying that JKD is just a name given to an approach to combat. JKD was not intended to be a formal style or system. Jun Fan Gung Fu was the established system that Bruce created. Jun Fan Gung Fu is the nucleus of JKD.

Originally Jun Fan Gung Fu was made up of the most functional techniques from Wing Chun taught to Bruce Lee by the legendary GM Yip Man back in Hong Kong. Later, he added elements of Western Boxing, French Fencing, and Grappling. In later years it continued to evolve to become more of a philosophical art. Bruce often said that he didn't invent a new style, but applied his own philosophy of fighting. He believed a fighter should not be limited to any one style. He often said that whatever style you practice, it's ultimately the style of your teacher, it's not your own. He believed a martial artists should express themselves through the arts. Bruce Lee was quoted as saying " I hope to free my followers from clinging to styles, patterns and molds." He stressed that only what worked should be used in a martial art and the rest discarded, the practitioner should then add in what is uniquely their own. Picture a rough stone, then chiseled away until it becomes a work of art. This is what sets JKD apart, the blending of different systems and the tailoring it to the individual. JKD can be taught but it can't be standardized, it must fit the individual and become his or hers expression of the martial arts. You can standardize the principles and concepts to a degree, but not the curriculum. Let's look at it like this, not everyone fits into a 44 long sport jacket. Some people are thinner or heavier, shorter or taller. It wouldn't fit just anybody. The same goes for the martial artist, a 65 year old man with a bad knee may not be able to do a particularly high kick that a 24 year old man can, therefore he must adapt and practice a different kick that functions in the same manner in combat. 

You must lay the foundation before you can build the Temple-Not just any art will fit into the matrix of JKD, it must blend. You can't just train in a bunch of arts, throw them together and call it JKD. It can be said that that's your JKD but It wouldn't be Bruce Lee's JKD. Why not? because it wouldn't have the modified Wing Chun /Jun Fan Gung Fu material as its core art. You need to have that modified Wing Chun, Boxing and Fencing as well as those early principles and concepts your core art. It serves as your rough stone to build with. All edifices must have a solid foundation in order to stand strong, so too should the JKD practitioner.

The father of Mixed Martial Arts
Bruce Lee is often called the father of MMA because back in the 1960's he was blending some of the most effective techniques from various arts. He was preaching to the masses that no one art is superior, you need to have a little bit of each to be a well rounded fighter. While his philosophies of combat are closely related to MMA, JKD is not a sport. MMA has rules and regulations, JKD is street oriented combat. JKD has only one rule, to win by any means necessary.

 The JKD Evolution

Early on, JKD was primarily and empty handed form of combat. Dan Inosanto did cross-train with Bruce Lee and taught him some weaponry of the Filipino martial arts but it wasn't until after Bruce Lee's death that the JKD/ Kali blend, commonly referred to as JKD Concepts was born. Kali is a Filipino martial art that employs both empty hands and weapons. Primarily the stick and knife or blunt and edged weapons. Paul Vunak built on this concept and added more elements of Muay Thai, Savate, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and Kino Mutai- the Filipino art of uninterrupted biting and eye gouging. Paul Vunak put together one of the most street-effective and devastatingly brutal forms of JKD. In a nutshell, it's Bruce Lee's principals and concepts applied to military technology. It's no wonder that Seal Team 6 contracted with him for their hand to hand combat training, as well as almost every alphabet- titled agency: DEA. FBI, CIA, and more. We have further evolved the art into our personal expression that we call Black Ops JKD.


Black Ops JKD
Black Ops JKD is Sifu Dan's personal expression of JKD and is predicated off of Sifu Paul Vunak's Progressive Fighting Systems/ Contemporary Jeet Kune Do (PFS/CJKD).  Paul Vunak was directly trained and certified by Guro Dan Inosanto who was one of Sijo Bruce Lee's most senior students, training partner and good friend. They were so close that Bruce Lee was the Godfather of Dan Inosanto's daughter, Diana Lee Inosanto. Dan Inosanto is also the highest ranking JKD instructor directly promoted by Bruce Lee and an instructor in all of Bruce Lee's systems: Tao of Gung Fu, Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. Sifu Dan Rivera also attends the annual Inosanto Seminars and trains directly with Dan Inosanto when he visits New York. Our program contains the material of PFS/CJKD taught to the Navy Seals with additional material from Wing Chun, Jun Fan JKD, Wei Kuen Do and Panantukan/Filipino Boxing. Our course is a unique certification program that's designed for protection officers to learn functional JKD quickly, but it can make the average civilian a better fighter in a manner of hours. Visit the Black Ops JKD page for more information. 

Wei Kuen Do
Wei Kuen Do-The way of the Integrated Fist: A complete system developed by GM Leo Fong with it's based on it's roots in Jeet kune Do, Serrada Escrima, Western Boxing, Coy Lay Fut, Northern Shaolin, Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Arnis and Wing Chun. Sifu Dan is a private student of GM Fong. The art of WKD is part of our JKD curriculum. 

Call or email us for more information on our Mahopac JKD Clsses or NYC JKD Classes contact Sifu Dan:
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